How to Manage Global & International Teams: 6 Tips

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Perhaps this is a question of feeling they need to be shown respect or just simply don’t want to be crowded by strangers. In the Middle East, it’s not considered appropriate for men and women to shake hands at an initial business meeting. Different countries have different ways of showing politeness. In Israel it would be pretty usual to be on a first name basis immediately, even if the person is the multi-billionaire owner of the company you are visiting or a government minister.


Children may find it hard to settle back into school or relate to old playmates. It is human nature to gravitate toward the familiar—that’s why many Americans overseas find themselves eating lunch at McDonald’s. But the expats who add the most value to their companies—by staying for the duration and being open to local market trends—are those who willingly experiment with different customs.

Why Do Businesses Succeed?

Businesses should develop and implement more environmentally sustainable business processes. Best of all, thanks to the convenience of online education, you can earn your bachelor’s degree in communications on a schedule that works with your busy lifestyle. If you want a better understanding of business communications, there’s no better option than earning an online communications degree. Modern means of business communications give you more ways to find and retain customers. You have to be prepared when on international business trips to be handed a gift of a value that you are not able to properly judge at the time. Realistically speaking, if you are the guest in a company, the first person that you should give your business card to should be the person at the higher end of the hierarchy.

These code snippets help search engines serve the appropriate language versions of your web pages to searchers from different countries. For example, you can tweak the copy on your website to include local dialects, slang, and references. Where appropriate, you can also update your website images to display local icons and elements that your target audience will immediately recognize. Bring us your ambition and we’ll guide you along a personalized path to a quality education that’s designed to change your life.

Growing a Business

A “maybe” goes a long way compared to a “no,” which can end the deal. In New Zealand, small talk before a business meeting is brief, and you should stick closely to the meeting agenda. Interruptions are frowned upon, and direct, clear communication with factual support is encouraged. Avoid being too friendly with new potential business connections, but feel free to be more relaxed and social once you’ve developed a relationship. To organize and manage the business cards you collect, invest in one of the best business card scanners that can import customer and client data into customer relationship management software. This article is for business owners and professionals interested in pursuing international business opportunities while staying respectful and courteous.

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FTX might not have been the only crypto firm using customer funds.

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Indeed, technical skill is frequently the main reason that people are selected for open posts. But managers often send people who lack the ability to adjust to different customs, perspectives, and business practices. In other words, they send people who are capable but culturally illiterate. The two principal goals of international assignments—generation of knowledge and development of global leaders—are not mutually exclusive.

Build Trust in the Team

When you’ve got multiple languages in the team, make it as easy as possible for everyone to do their best work. If your colleagues can access the project management software in their language, help them switch their settings so they can see menus in their native tongue. In international business, it’s prevalent to meet people speaking different languages.

  • This knowledge provides you with a framework to manage the differences that will occur and also the reassurance that you can develop a realistic way to work together.
  • Multiplier’s SaaS-based EOR solution ensures your international workforce is 100% compliant with local labor laws as you boldly expand globally.
  • Without this brief but relevant insertion, customers won’t know that you are actually doing the best thing, and second only to doing the best thing is letting people know you are.
  • One point that you need to plan in advance of your visit is to learn about the protocols around exchanging business cards.

Similarly, web-based project management systems—like Basecamp, Atlassian and Trello—simplify collaboration. They allow the easy assignment of tasks, and commenting to keep everyone organized. A key step to successfully selling to international customers is to hence make your business known in their local market.

#6 Show Respect and Use Proper Language When Speaking on the Phone

Kim Angeli, founder and CEO of Grateful Box, said that the first strategy in turning an unhappy Six Tips On Handling Business Dealings With Foreign Clients from grumpy to grateful is to thank them for sharing their bad experience with you. While strangers will shake hands at first, Belgium business professionals greet each other with three air kisses once a relationship has been established. Protocol calls for the kisses to be given on the right cheek, then the left cheek and back to the right cheek. Not giving the kisses – or not following the correct order when giving them – is considered disrespectful when dealing with Belgians.

  • Not giving the kisses – or not following the correct order when giving them – is considered disrespectful when dealing with Belgians.
  • When the owner responds, check to make sure the original message you sent is included in the reply.
  • As a result, they often get bogged down in the administrative minutiae of international assignments instead of capturing strategic opportunities.
  • The more online platforms you use, the better your chances of being discovered.
  • Children may find it hard to settle back into school or relate to old playmates.

Business etiquette may change from culture to culture, but when everyone understands and follows a particular set of standards, it can create a sense of unity. People in the business world have different expectations about eye contact, body language, dress code, and dining etiquette, just to name a few. While many companies have shifted to a more casual culture, understanding proper business etiquette can go a long way. In addition, your customers are coming from very different businesses.

Tips for Dealing with International Clients

Fortunately, the SBA can help with all of these management and technical-service tasks. Often it is, of course, but sometimes it can be a major problem. He or she needs to delegate work to others and build a business structure that can handle the increase in volume. Some owners don’t make the transition and find themselves overwhelmed.

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